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Judge Burgess Recommended to the US Courts by Senator Ted Stevens While Sarah Palin was Director of Stevens' 527 Group Raising Corporate Donations

Timothy M. Burgess was the US Attorney in the State of Alaska when he received a recommendation from Senator Ted Stevens  to be nominated to the US Courts as a Federal Judge. This nomination came from then President George W. Bush and he was confirmed by the US Senate.  At the time when Stevens was nominating Burgess, Palin was the director of Steven’s 527 Group. This group was responsible for attaining corporate donations and was named “Excellence in Public Service Inc.” This group was designed as a political boot camp for Republican women in Alaska (namely Palin). Senator Stevens was responsible for launching Palin’s political career and groomed her for higher office. This went as far back as her days as Mayor of Wasilla. Palin served as director of Stevens’ group from the time in was incorporated in 2003 until June 2005 when her name was replaced on Alaska State filings. Amazingly, less than one month later after Sarah is no longer the director, US Attorney Timothy M. Burgess is nominated by then President George W. Bush on July 28, 2005 to be a Federal Judge. He would later be confirmed by the US Senate on December 21, 2005. Now that he is a Federal District Judge, Burgess would begin to pay back favors to Senator Ted Stevens’ most important political project, Sarah Palin.
Senator Ted Stevens & Sarah Palin

Since Sarah Palin left the Governor’s Office in Alaska on July 26, 2009, Judge Burgess has found a way to manipulate the normal rotation of case load for the District of Alaska and has managed to somehow handle every problem Sarah has in Federal Court in Alaska. (Could Palin’s attorney John Tiemessen’s intimate relationship with Chief Justice John Roberts have anything to do with this?) 

John Tiemessen (far left) & Chief Justice John Roberts (center)

As noted in my earlier post, here is another reminder of the cases in which Judge Burgess (sometimes working with his sidekick AUSA Retta-Rae Randall) has handled for Sarah Palin:

Gregory Charles Royal, Kim Chatman vs Sarah Palin

Shawn & Craig Christy vs USA (Involving Sarah Palin and her attorney John Tiemessen)

Kyle Beus vs USA, Case # 3:12-cr-00095 aka DairyGate – Matanuska Dairy in which Sarah Palin was involved in.

Chip Thoma vs Sarah Palin

The Chip Thoma case is probably the most interesting out of these cases. Chip Thoma filed against Sarah saying that the former Governor undertook a campaign to embarrass and discredit him. He alleges that Palin took his complaints about bus traffic around the Governor’s Mansion to make it seem like he had engaged in harassment against her. Thoma filed this matter with the Alaska State Courts.

In June 2011 however, John Tiemessen wrote a letter to, you guessed it, Judge Timothy Burgess. Tiemessen asked him to accept this case and remove the matter from the Alaska State Courts. Burgess said yes and granted Sarah Palin and John Tiemessen another political kickback with a favorable ruling from the bench. Or did he?
Burgess first ruled Thoma to pay Palin’s legal fees of $22,000.00 but later changed the ruling. This left Palin holding the bag to pay the costs. Tiemessen agreed to this change in ruling because either way he profits. He doesn’t care who pays the tab, either way, he still gets paid.

John Tiemessen in the Alaska Range

By now, Judge Burgess has his own political ambitions and his focus is on the US Senate seat that is now held by Senator Mark Begich (D) AK. Judge Burgess must accommodate for his former political favors and at the same time keep Sarah Palin from further destroying the Republican Party. Palin’s name is also on the ticket as a possible opponent against Judge Burgess. The Republican primary for the US Senate race in Alaska is slated for August 26, 2014. Palin’s name being on the ticket complicates Burgess’ situation. Is Sarah Palin finally seeing the light in knowing that her own attorney John Tiemessen and his law firm have not been acting in her own best interest? Knowing that Palin is by far the most vindictive person in the world did she put her name on the ballot in an effort to get back at Burgess by ruining his chances for a US Senate seat by running in the same election?

The new Federal Mafia, known as the US Courts, works for the Republican Party and they have no place for Sarah Palin in their future. They will conspire to destroy Sarah just like they tried to do with Ted Stevens, her mentor. It seems as if this destruction has already begun as Sarah’s legal regime has done a poor job of protecting her or her SarahPAC. Both are in deep trouble with copyright infringements in the New York Federal Courts. But have no fear, John Tiemessen’s future is assured thanks to his being a team player and his friendship with Chief Justice John Roberts. Who knows, maybe Tiemessen will land a job as a staffer for someone just like his predecessor Thomas Van Flein did. Van Flein left Alaska and the law firm and has been working as the Chief Staffer for Congressman Paul Gosar (R) AZ.

As for Judge Burgess, it seems that he has a hard time separating his political ambitions from his job as a Federal District Judge. He is guilty of trying to control the political playing field in Alaska from the bench for future personal gain. He does this by granting favorable rulings involving Sarah Palin, but at the same time has to be careful not to destroy the Republican Party in the process.
The case that is most troubling for Judge Burgess is the one involving Shawn & Craig Christy. Burgess is doing everything in his power so that he has a continual hold on the case. For example, Burgess will not transfer residency to Pennsylvania. This forces Shawn & Craig to live as illegal residents in their home state as they are subject to Alaska law, not Pennsylvania.
Shawn & Craig reside in Pennsylvania

Shawn & Craig are under Alaska law
*Something is wrong with this picture!*

 If Burgess lost control and it was transferred to another jurisdiction, the Federal Judge would take one look at all the improprieties and dismiss the whole case! Burgess wants to have total control in an effort to withhold the truth from coming out. If it did, his future political career would be in jeopardy. If the truth does come out, and it will, Burgess would be held accountable for his actions by the Senate Judiciary Committee and will be impeached. Judge Burgess should never been involved with any case dealing with Sarah Palin. According to the US Courts own Code of Conduct for United States Judges, Judge Burgess is guilty of avoiding impropriety or even its appearance of impropriety. 

Code of Conduct for United States Judges

Federal judges abide by the Code of Conduct for United States Judges, a set of ethical principles and guidelines adopted by the Judicial Conference of the United States. The Code of Conduct provides guidance for judges on issues of judicial integrity and independence, judicial diligence and impartiality, permissible extra-judicial activities, and the avoidance of impropriety or even its appearance. 

*Code of Conduct from the US Courts*
More on this to come….Stay tuned!
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Judge Timothy M. Burgess Destroys Shawn Christy and Controls Sarah Palin! Why? So He Can Run for US Senate.

Judge Burgess’s name is on the Republican Primary Ballot in Alaska which is scheduled for August 26, 2014.  

Judge Timothy M. Burgess
 Also on the ballot is former Governor Sarah Palin. Both are vying for a chance to run against Incumbent Senator Mark Begich. 

The word is that Senator Lisa Murkowski is backing Judge Burgess for Senate. After all, Burgess was recommended by Lisa’s father, Senator Frank Murkowski and Senator Ted Stevens for the federal judge bench position. Burgess then was nominated on July 28, 2005 by President George W. Bush. Before Judge Burgess attended Northeast University of Law in Boston in 1987, he was a Legislative Analyst for former Alaska Senator Frank Murkowski. The Murkowski’s are sworn political enemies of Governor Palin and would like nothing more than to see Palin destroyed politically to keep their political power in Alaska and continue to receive the support of their power elite Republicans in Washington DC. 

To find out why Judge Burgess needed to destroy Shawn and keep him as a Political Prisoner, and also at the same time control Governor Palin, we must first look at Governor Palin. By the roll of the dice, Judge Burgess always seems to be involved in all of Sarah Palin’s federal matters. To make it more interesting, add in the aid of Assistant US Attorney, Retta-Rae Randall. If I had those odds at a Black-Jack table, I would never have to work again.

Let’s take a brief look at federal matters concerning Sarah Palin, Judge Burgess and AUSA Randall:

1)      Shawn & Craig Christy vs USA – Retta-Rae Randall AUSA
      2)      Kyle Beus vs USA – Retta-Rae Randall AUSA – Case # 3:12-cr-00095 (aka Dairy Gate, Matanuska Dairy - Sarah Palin was heavily involved with)
      3)      Chip Thoma vs Sarah Palin
      4)      Gregory Charles Royal, Kim Chatman vs Governor Sarah Palin – Case # 3:09-cv-00095

Is Judge Burgess making sure that he can control all of the decisions made about Palin for the future of his own political career? After all, if Palin is destroyed criminally, it would draw votes away from the Alaska Republican Party to the detriment of Judge Burgess. If Burgess can destroy Palin’s political career with a controlled implosion, Burgess would pick up Republican support and probably the support of some Independents. Also keep in mind that Judge Burgess’s control over Sarah Palin’s legal struggles, have all happened after her resignation on July 26, 2009. This would be about the same time that Timothy Burgess would be starting to gather support for a 2014 Senate bid.
So, how does Burgess gain so much control over being able to be the Federal District Judge in all of Palin’s federal cases?  This comes from Chief Justice John Roberts, head of the US Courts and another President Bush appointee. In 3 of the 4 above mentioned cases, Judge Burgess just happened to be the judge in the rotation to get the case. Right! Back to the Black-Jack table. The only case that wasn’t a luck of the draw is the Chip Thoma case. This particular matter started out as an Alaska State case. It was transferred to a federal case by Sarah Palin’s attorney John Tiemessen. Tiemessen wrote a letter to Judge Burgess asking him to handle the case on a federal level which is his right and Burgess accepted the case. Why Judge Burgess? Once again, Tiemessen’s close relationship with Chief Justice John Roberts comes into play. Also Tiemessen knows that when Palin is destroyed politically, Tiemessen will have a future in helping her during her demise. One can only guess what else happens when Chief Roberts and John Tiemessen and crew are hunting moose together in the Tanana Valley. It looks as if futures are being destroyed and manipulated in an effort to upset the political spectrum in their favor. In the works of becoming a reality is Burgess and Murkowski both becoming Bush Republican Senators from Alaska. 

John Tiemessen (far left) Moose Hunting with Chief Justice John Roberts (center)

But why destroy Shawn Christy and his family?
Shawn just happened to be the bad habit that helped to get Sarah Palin out of the Alaska Governor’s chair and turn her political career southward towards destruction. On the advice of Tiemessen’s law firm, she acquired protection orders against Shawn and my family. This only exasperated Palin’s already tarnished career in the media. It didn’t turn out like Palin planned, her being “poor me, I have a stalker”, in an effort to gain higher accolades. Instead it seems that Tiemessen’s law firm has been working all along to continually drain Palin’s financial resources with constant legal filings. Judge Burgess even helped to deplete some of her funds in the Chip Thoma case by ruling that Palin was not eligible for reimbursement of legal fees. Tiemessen, in a public statement, would agree with Burgess. This only goes to prove that Tiemessen’s law firm is working with the US Courts to the benefit of the majority of the Republican Party, the part that does not want Palin to be a member of.

John Tiemessen

The manipulation of Federal officials in 2009 not to arrest Sarah Palin for putting in false police reports against Shawn Christy (Title 18 USC 1001) was to the benefit of the Bush/Cheney Republicans who still to this day control; the party. They do not want Sarah Palin destroyed criminally as this would only weaken the Republican Party. Bush appointees, Chief Justice John Roberts and Judge Timothy Burgess, want to keep Shawn Christy and his family quiet so this does not happen. This explains why Burgess handed down such ridiculously long sentences to Shawn and his father Craig. Burgess along with Senator Murkowski and other Bush cronies in the Republican Party could keep the Christy’s quiet long enough so that Burgess could reach his goal of attaining a Senate seat in Alaska.

Burgess knows that criminal proceedings against Palin would only hurt his chances of becoming a US Senator. This also explains why Burgess never transferred residency for Craig and Shawn when they were released from Alaska. This is why the US Probation Office in Alaska lied about Shawn’s custody to Pennsylvania when Shawn entered into the half-way house in PA. Even though Craig is physically in PA and Shawn will be upon his release, they are still under Alaska law! With this, Judge Burgess is able to maintain control of any situation that would occur with Craig and Shawn. Their being under Alaska law has been confirmed by US Probation in Alaska. They threatened both Shawn and Craig’s Constitutional Rights when they stated that if either of them entered any type of legal filing in their cases, they will be prosecuted under Alaska law and their probations will be violated. To add more gas to the fire, US Attorney Karen Loeffler (A former Burgess employee when he was US Attorney) is monitoring Shawn and Craig for any filings.  

US Attorney Karen Loffler, Judge Timothy M. Burgess & Jack Schmidt

Just recently even though he is still in federal prison, Shawn via telephone, e-mail and letter, fired his Chief Public Defender Rich Curtner. Even if Shawn did submit any filings during this time, they would be unofficial as Curtner refuses to leave his case. Chief Curtner and Shawn’s former Public Defender Mary Geddes, have been working with Judge Burgess because they know it is best for them politically. Just as all those who rode on Palin’s skirt hoping for positions of power, I am sure that those who ride on Senator Burgess’s skirt will be hoping for the same power positions. Here is a short list of those who may possibly have something to gain:

            Karen Loeffler – US Attorney
            Reatta-Rae Randall – Assistant US Attorney
            Karen Brewer – Chief US Probation – Alaska
            Scott Waters – Deputy Chief US Probation – Alaska
            Paula McCormick – US Probation Officer – Alaska
            Charlene Hencil – US Probation Officer – Alaska
            Rich Curtner – Chief Public Defender – Alaska (Shawn’s Attorney)
            Mary Geddes – Former Public Defender – Alaska (Shawn’s former Attorney)
            Jim Wendt – Craig’s former Attorney, picked by the AK Public Defender’s Office and friends with Judge Burgess.
Let’s not forget to add John Tiemessen and his law firm to that list. They already benefit from Tiemessen’s relationship with Chief Justice John Roberts. The icing on the cake is their helping to destroy Palin in an effort to make Burgess a US Senator. But the only way this plan will work is if they are able to keep Shawn and his family under control. Their attempt to control us is by their threats under the Color of Law.

This is far from over and I will be providing more evidence and information in the near future. Stay tuned. In the mean time, feel free to visit any of these links below.