Monday, April 7, 2014

Shailey Tripp ~ A True American Hero!

Normally on this blog I only write about things concerning my son and what our family has gone through in an effort to cover up the corruption in Alaska. Sometimes an exception is needed and this is one of those times, especially considering the similarities between us and what has happened to Shailey. I also look forward to the near future when I can interview Shailey. I have a personal in-depth knowledge of prostitution and it would be a quite interesting article.

I would also like to remind everyone to sign up to become a fan of the movie page at Here you can donate as little as a dollar or get up to date information such as when and where you can listen live to a radio interview this coming Thursday with Producer Stephen James and Shailey Tripp!!!

Getting back to the subject at hand, I would like to share this with you.

In keeping with my normal tradition of doing my school projects on subjects that are dear to me: Lyme disease, Free Leonard Peltier, and Genetically Modified foods, (all topics which send up red flags to federal officials!), my latest assignment was to do a Testimonial Speech. And, as usual, I will go over the 2 minute allotted time frame. I am willing to take a lower grade for this because I feel that sometimes you just can’t leave out information that is crucial to what you are trying to convey.

For this speech, we needed to choose someone who we admire and imagine we were introducing them to a crowd in order to accept an award or some sort of accommodation. I chose Shailey Tripp because I truly admire her for her courage and it is my hope that I am able to give her the encouragement to continue this endeavor. I would also look forward to the day when this Testimonial Speech becomes a reality and she is given an award for her accomplishments. (And yes, I would like to be the one giving this speech!).

Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we are here to pay tribute to a now outspoken woman who no longer allows men define who she is and what she does. At one time she was a victim of domestic violence, 2 failed marriages and a single Mom of 2 disabled children, both still in diapers, and who became a prostitute. At one point she and her children were homeless and were forced to spend several nights sleeping in a public restroom. It was better than sleeping on the streets of Anchorage Alaska in the fall.

While trying to get back on her feet, she worked part time jobs, one being a masseuse. It was here she met Todd Palin, husband of then Governor Sarah Palin, and the 1st Dude. She got involved with Todd and he used her not only for sexual favors for himself, but also sold her out to other men. Some of those included Secret Service agents who were in charge of protecting his wife, and other federal authorities as well.

Being arrested for prostitution was a wake-up call. Instead of being a victim, she decided to fight back. When her story first broke in the “National Enquirer” I didn’t pay much attention to it even though I knew a lot of the players involved. Since then I have come to know her personally and have seen the evidence to support her claims.

I am proud of her for speaking out about this very sensitive issue, especially in light of the death threats and harassment she and her kids have endured. I am also elated that her book “Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality, and the Coverup of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal” is not only in its 2nd printing, but it is in the process of being turned into a movie!

We should all be grateful to her for bringing this issue to the forefront.

So, my dear friend Shailey Tripp, I congratulate you for having the courage to face your fears and speaking out to expose the corruption involved in prostitution and sex trafficking business!

My hat is off to you Shay!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Troopergate, Trippgate & now Christygate...Courtesy of the Palin's & Their Hired Stalkers!

Here we go again...

Just as I posted a few weeks ago about the dude that was out here taking pictures of our house the end of January, yesterday we had another visitor. This time I got into the truck and followed him out of town so I could get his ugly face on camera! It seems as if the games are still being played.

The last guy was positively identified as being seen in Fairbanks Alaska with Todd Palin. I wonder where this guy will be identified as being from and who his friends are? I have a few ideas on that one.

Just for the record, the weather in McAdoo is a little on the chilly side these last few days but certainly not cold enough for a winter jacket over top of a hoodie!

Just like before, this guy was also focused on taking pictures of, you guessed it, Shawn's room! It's hard to tell from this pic but watching the video like I have, you can clearly see him aiming the camera up to his window.

What is the infatuation with Shawn's bedroom? Is somebody looking for him to be here? He is after all, allowed to visit even if his former probation officer lied when he said Shawn was a problem when he was at home. Funny, I must have missed that one as I never had a problem with Shawn when he was home. Oh, that's right, just more bullshit from the Probation Department working with Alaska to keep the Christy's shut up. That will never happen.

This time, instead of a vehicle from New York, this one is from Kentucky. Definitely stands out around this neck of the woods, especially considering I'm in a small town and in a back alley to boot! Then again I guess we aren't dealing with the sharpest tools in the shed!

I saved the best pic for last! This guy looks like a reject from the 7 dwarfs! At least the last guy had some looks to him, this guy is the ugliest mother fucker I have ever seen! No wonder he wasn't wearing a wedding band, I don't think there's any woman out there desperate enough for this guy! Just my opinion.

Now we will just have to wait and see who they send out next. If they are trying to intimidate me, they are doing a lousy job. I wasn't scared back in 2009 when we had guns drawn on us, I am certainly not scared now. Especially when they send people like this, you have got to be kidding me!

I think in the future I will post pics of these clowns and we can vote on which one is the ugliest and dumbest stalker the Palin's can send! So far, this guy takes the lead!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Willow Palin Calls My Husband Craig Christy: She is Looking For Shawn And Wants to Know What Man Craig Was Talking to That Had the Over-Sized Cunt!

In August 2011 Sarah & Todd Palin’s daughter Willow began to constantly call my husband Craig. The first calls started on August 8th, 10 days before Shawn & Craig were arrested. Willow’s Grandfather Chuck Heath confirmed that it was indeed Willow calling my husband. In his FBI 302, Heath stated that Craig had called him and recited a phone number that Willow was using to call Craig. Heath identified the number as belonging to Palin’s minor daughter. You can read the FBI 302 and the accompanying story here: *The FBI 302 is towards the end of the post*

*Seems as if Willow has used homophobic slurs before*

Willow kept calling Craig always wanting to speak to Shawn. During most of the conversations, it sounded as if Willow was quite medicated. The most disturbing thing was Willow’s constantly abusive terms towards homosexual men such as “Man with the over-sized cunt”. As far as my research shows, this abusive term is used to describe a homosexual by calling them a man-cunt. The term is describing the man’s anus acting as a woman’s vagina for sexual pleasure from another man. This is just more of the sick and hateful behavior that comes from the Palin family. For people who talk about freedom so much, the Palin’s don’t believe that a person has a right to do what they want with their bodies and live the life that they want to live. Funny thing is the only person Craig spoke with that day, other than Willow was Sarah Palin’s attorney John Tiemessen. Tiemessen is alleged to be bi-sexual. I guess Willow really doesn’t like Tiemessen too much and probably gets that from her Grandfather Charles Heath.

*Listen to snipets of the calls:

Willow: Why do people leave crazy voice mails?
Craig: Why do people leave crazy voice mails?
Willow: Why are you?
Craig: Why am I leaving them?
Willow: Why, where’s your son?
Craig: Where’s my son? Why do you want to know?

Willow: What man were you talking to earlier?
Craig: What man did I talk to earlier?
Willow: I don’t know, who were you talking to?
Craig: Can you say a name?
Willow: Can you say a name?
Craig: I talked to quite a couple of men earlier, can you, you know I call quite a…

Willow: The man, The man with the over-sized cunt ya know.
Craig: The man with the over-sized cunt?

*Sorry folks, that is all you are going to hear, for now. Stay Tuned!*

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The US Secret Service is Protecting Todd Palin to Protect Itself!

Can Anybody Identify Todd Palin’s Friend?
On January 29th we filmed this guy out in the front of our house taking pictures. When questioned, the only answer he could supply was it was for the bank. He couldn’t even answer that truthfully, because when I asked him what bank, he gave me the name of a bank I have never banked with. We checked with our mortgage company and anyone else we could think of who might send someone out to take pictures, and came up with the same answer each time. No one was sent out to take pictures of our home!
We began to investigate a little farther ourselves, just as we have done for the last 5 years. I shared these pictures with many of our friends to see if anybody knew who this guy was. Guess what I found out? My very good friend and author of the book Boys Will Be Boys, Shailey Tripp identified this guy as someone she had seen with Todd Palin in Fairbanks Alaska!

I submitted all of this information along with the pictures and video to the US Secret Service. I also informed them that Shailey would testify as to her statements about seeing this guy before and also supplied her contact information. At first the message back to me was that they had no idea what they are all up to, referring to the people taking pictures of my house. I was also informed that I was being referred to the Protection Squad.
Since we did not hear back from the Service in a few weeks, we put in another call. On Friday Craig spoke to Special Agent Kenneth Beauchamp, who informed Craig that the Secret Service would need a name of this gentleman before they were able to investigate him. I’m sure that information would make President Obama feel safe tonight knowing that if someone threatens him, our President would have to find out the name of the person before they could do anything about it! I guess the license plate on the back of the Black Chevrolet Suburban this guy was driving lead them nowhere.
This all leads me to believe that the Secret Service is still trying to cover up for Todd Palin, his thugs, and one or more of their own. Todd Palin used Shailey as one of his prostitutes, and one of her clients was Secret Service Agent David Chaney. Chaney was one of the Agents who were protecting Sarah Palin when she ran for Vice President. Chaney would have also been involved in Shawn’s case back in 2009 and helped to put in the false police reports about Shawn. Those were the same ones that Sarah and Todd Palin, family and friends, were putting in saying that Shawn was running around Alaska in 2009 when Shawn never left Pennsylvania.
*Secret Service Agent David Chaney who was in charge of guarding Sarah Palin*
The Secret Service knows who the guy in these pictures is. They ran the license plate, most likely found out that it was from a rental car agency, then looked into who rented the vehicle on this day, and found out his name. Then they also found out where he was from and who he is working for. I can tell you this, he isn’t from New York and he isn’t from a bank! If he was, why would he have been so focused on taking pictures of Shawn’s bedroom window? Oh, I didn’t mention that part earlier did I? If anybody can identify the man in the picture and also in the video, please leave a comment on the blog. I will not post it and your identity will be kept confidential.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shawn & Craig Christy Are Saved From Any Future Persecution from Alaska!!!

This article appeared in our local newspaper yesterday, the Standard Speaker:

Man who threatened Palin has probation jurisdiction changed

A federal judge for the Middle District of Pennsylvania signed off on a change of jurisdiction for a 22-year-old McAdoo man on probation for harassing former Alaska governor and 2008 presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her attorneys.
Shawn Richard Christy was released from federal custody Nov. 22, according to an inmate locator for the federal Bureau of Prisons, but remained under the jurisdiction of the U.S. District Court for the District of Alaska.
U.S. District Judge Matthew W. Brann signed the order transferring jurisdiction to the Middle District of Pennsylvania on Monday. The transfer will be complete when the District of Alaska forwards the documents, according to a memorandum of the same date from Mark D. Kehler, a federal probation officer.
Christy was sentenced last March to two years in federal prison for a probation violation and was given credit for time already served, leading to his release in November.
The sentence included one year of supervised release on a guilty plea for running from federal authorities in Pennsylvania in November 2012, when he fled a community re-entry facility before completing a six-month term there.
Earlier in 2012, Christy was sentenced to five years probation after he and his father pleaded guilty to making harassing phone calls to Palin's attorneys. The Christys were accused of threatening Palin and her attorneys.
Christy's probation runs until June 7, 2017.

The jurisdiction change also applies to my husband, Craig Christy. We found out this morning that it was Alaska's idea to transfer the jurisdiction, not Pennsylvania's. Funny thing about that is the fact that the AK US Attorney's Office and the AK US Probation Office both swore up and down that they would never give up jurisdiction! It seems as if Alaska Federal District Court Judge Timothy M. Burgess had different plans.

This is just another indicator of the continued demise of Sarah and Todd Palin. Sarah has not made any type of media appearances in weeks. Could it be because of all the negative news that has been coming out about her in the last few weeks? First of all, Sarah's copyright case is coming up in New Jersey. Next you have Shailey Tripp, author of the book Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality, and the Coverup of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal  is being turned into a movie (According to my sources, Federal law enforcement is very interested in this case). And now you have this news about Shawn and Craig's jurisdiction changing to PA!

I know the day will come when Sarah and Todd will lose all the money they have stolen from other people and be prosecuted this and for their other crimes. We have a saying around our home which gives us faith every day. Shawn & Craig Christy were born and raised in New Jersey. Sarah Palin began a relationship with Shawn when he was 17 years old and Todd Palin tried to set him up for it in 2009. Because of that, Sarah ended up announcing her resignation 1 hour after Shawn's psych eval, requested by the US Secret Service, on July 3rd, 2009, which showed that he was sane and can testify in court. When Sarah left office, Sean Parnell became Governor and Craig Roberts became Lt. Governor. (Sean & Craig run Alaska). At the same time, Chris Christie became the Governor of New Jersey (Shawn & Craig were born and raised in NJ). Sarah Palin set up Shawn and Craig in 2011 and had them illegally taken to Alaska. But now Sarah is about to lose her SarahPAC because of her copyright case in New Jersey, where Chris Christie is still Governor. It looks like Sarah will lose her money in the place where Craig and Shawn were born and raised. Now with jurisdiction in Pennsylvania instead of Alaska, will PA be the place where Sarah and Todd go to jail and lose their freedom? Imagine Sarah and Todd sitting in jail watching Chris Christie become our next President, something Sarah has wanted all her life but has been taken away from her by the Christy(ie)'s from New Jersey! Karma is a Bitch!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Is the Anchorage FBI in Contempt of a Court Order by Coming to my Blog?

When Craig and Shawn were released from prison, they were supplied with a SUPPLEMENT TO THE SENTENCING RECOMMENDATIONS which states in part: With regard to the recommended Special Condition of Probation No. 7 which states, The defendant, whether using his name, a modification of his name or through any third party, shall not contact, in any way using any means of communication, the individuals listed in the Supplement to the Sentencing Recommendation (attached to the probation officer’s recommendation) without permission of the Court, the following individuals are identified as persons referenced in the recommended condition.

What does this have to do with the Anchorage FBI possibly being in contempt of a court order by coming to my blog? This order works both ways. Neither Craig nor Shawn can contact in any way any of the people on this list AND none of the people on this list can contact Craig or Shawn whether using his name, a modification of his name or through any third party, shall not contact, in any way using any means of communication…If the FBI is coming to my blog, they are making contact with me, therefore I am the third party. The computer from which I run this blog is located in my home. My home is where my husband resides and my home is where my son visits. This falls under the new electronic crimes and the reason why Shawn and Craig were arrested under Title 47 USC 223.

In the last 8 months and 1 week I have had 90 page views from the FBI with the last visit being earlier today. One may thing that the FBI is coming to the blog to keep an eye on things, or to continue a senseless investigation, but those options are not feasible in this case when you take into consideration the following. Today’s visit and the visits from January 31st, January 30th, and January 28th for example, showed the FBI coming to the blog for 1 page view each time. Not a big deal until you see that the story they click on to is a post I did back on March 15th titled Sarah Palin’s New Cookbook: How to make a Stalker. (The FBI must really be interested in cookbooks!). January 27th was a big day for reading, as there were 3 page views! Not only did they read the cookbook post, they also went to the latest post which was Sarah Palin Accuses Shawn Christy of Crimes, But Has No FBI-302 to Prove It! Not only has the FBI been coming to the blog 90 times in a little over 8 months, but their time on site is minimal at best. On the 27th with their 3 page views, the time on site was a whopping 12 seconds! The other page views were so short that the IP tracer doesn’t even time them. The computer number is always the same d2f0835f32284b3ef0c12e79f41560f3, the IP changes slightly,,, just to name a few. The legal definition for harassment is “actions with no legitimate purpose”.

What purpose does the FBI have in coming to my blog for only seconds at time except to harass me and make third party contact with Craig and Shawn? There is no legitimate purpose to their actions. This can be compared to continually knocking on someone’s door and running away. There are two agents with the Anchorage FBI that are on the No-Contact List. If those two agents, or any of the agents they work with, in the Anchorage FBI would be entering our home electronically, with no legitimate purpose, then those involved would not only be guilty of the crime of harassment according to telecommunication laws, but also would be found in contempt of court for a violation of the court order placed on Craig and Shawn. Even others contacting our home for the other two agents in the Anchorage office would be considered as third party contact by those two Anchorage agents. The FBI Agents that are doing this should be held in contempt of court and charged under Title 47 telecommunication crimes for harassment. This also applies to all the other members on the No-Contact list.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sarah Palin Accuses Shawn Christy of Crimes, But Has No FBI FD-302 to Prove It!

***Sarah Palin ~ Who always promises to keep the Federal Government out of our lives, unless it is something dealing with her. America's All-Time Hypocrite!***

Imagine being arrested by the FBI, sent 4,000 miles away from your home to face accusations against you, and the person who accused you has never been interviewed by the FBI. This is exactly what happened to Shawn Christy in 2011.

Sarah Palin has accused my son of crimes going back to 2009 when she was Governor of Alaska and having a sexting relationship with the young 17-year old from McAdoo PA. At that time, Palin was also top of the list to run for President in 2012 for the GOP. So, why are there no official reports from Palin to the FBI?

***Special Agent in Charge, Mary Francis Rook, Anchorage FBI***


To answer that question, let’s discuss what an FBI FD-302 report is all about. When you are interviewed by the FBI as a victim, the agent doing the interview documents all the facts about the crimes committed against you. The agent will then use these statements to file an affidavit with the US Attorney, who will then seek an indictment. If you lie on a FBI FD-302, you can be held for perjury.

So now you can see why the Anchorage FBI never interviewed Sarah Palin. They know that she has been lying and have worked with Palin for the past 5 years to not only cover up Palin’s crimes, but also their own. In Shawn’s last hearing, Assistant US Attorney, Retta-Rae Randall stated that her office and the Anchorage FBI have been dealing with Shawn since he was 17 years old in 2009.

Sarah Palin would perjure herself if she ever did an FBI FD-302 about the crimes she has accused Shawn of doing. This is just more proof that Sarah Palin is a fake, working with big government federal officials in Alaska and Allentown PA to try and cover up her sexting relationship with Shawn. Those Feds in 2009 thought they would ride on the back of Sarah’s skirt to Washington DC in 2012. Instead, they are now left scheming to try and cover up their own crimes.

***Chief Jeffrey Wainwright, McAdoo PA***
The next post I do will cover our hometown of McAdoo PA and its Police Chief Jeffrey Wainwright. It will also include the former Chief Eddie Florentino Sr. and will tell how they worked with the Anchorage FBI for the last 5 years.