Friday, September 12, 2014

Sarah Palin & Willow Palin: Like Mother - Like Daughter

Willow Palin Drinking at Fight Night!!!

     Underage drinking that is... Its sad to say, as I wanted this blog not to get caught up with the stories and media storm behind the Palin Family Fight Night, but as this blog is about truth, the truth must be told. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. John 8:32.
     While the Palin birthday party bash made the media, even Good Morning America, one point hasn't been brought out as of yet. Willow was drinking, and Willow is not of the proper legal age to drink. Willow is only 20, not 21 as a few media sources have already quoted. So its nice that such a nice wonderful Christian family like the Palin's would take their family to a party like this, then proceed to get drunk and start fighting. So much for Franklin Graham's endorsement for her last weekend during their good ol' Duck Dynasty / Franklin Graham Grifting Fest 2014!!! Its just sad that Mr. Graham would even stand behind people like this.
     Willow's drinking problem is not a new issue, it has been going on for years, it made Star Magazine in 2009, and in 2010 we had the house party, then the speeding tickets, now this. What is sad is the fact that instead of getting her help, her family encourages her, and lets her continue. Also what is sad is that any other youth in Alaska who was caught drinking under the age of 21 would be looking at possible jail time, probation, as well as substance abuse treatment. Sadly this young lady is not being prosecuted as of yet. Hopefully when the video evidence comes to light, she will be, and maybe she can get some help to put an end to her drinking problem.
Willow's Hate Filled Post's
Willow Palin's Birth Date 7-5-1994
Is Sarah's Drinking Problem the Reason Willow Can't Get Help?
On A Last Note...

      Has anyone asked why yet Sarah has a cup with a Philadelphia Phillies emblem on it on the table she is sitting at? I didn't know she was a fan, I just wonder if this is just another head game she is trying to play on Shawn... 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Peter Ferrero & Shawn Christy?

Why Were Shawn Christy and Craig Christy Named in the News?

     Hi everyone! The Blog is back!!! As anyone knows who was a diligent reader of this blog it was taken down a few months ago. At that time my family just wanted to move on and let this pass. We wanted to save legal arguments for the courtroom, and let the press fade away. We were happy things were slowly working themselves out, and the healing process had slowly begun.
     Well yesterday Shawn and Craig's names were brought into the press again, this time it had nothing to do with anything they had done. This time their names were brought up solely on the basis of false information which is still out there in the media, and the courts. So now Shawn and Craig's names have to be defended again, and Shawn Christy Political Prisoner is back!
     A young man by the name of Peter Ferrero was arrested yesterday in Wasilla at Bristol Palin's house. While the story itself and the actions of all parties involved leaves many unanswered questions, this blog article will not delve into those questions at this time. However it is noteworthy the throwing ability of Mr. Ferrero, as his ability to throw his sweatshirt all the way up to a third story balcony is amazing. Perhaps the Philadelphia Eagles should draft him in 2015, he might just end up with better stats than Nick Foles!
     The main point of this blog article is one thing, according to AUSA Retta-Rae Randall, who is the U.S. Attorney in charge of Craig & Shawn's case, Sarah Palin is not part of the case against Craig & Shawn. Ms. Randall has further stated that "Ms. Palin is neither a victim nor a witness" in the case. Now there are many questions about AUSA Randall's position, and her statement. Questions like... How does Ms. Randall know this? Why did Mr. Tiemessen in violation of multiple Federal laws state that Ms. Palin was a victim? Did Sarah nark out on John Tiemessen? These things will be addressed at another time, but the important point to note is that Sarah Palin is not a victim of Shawn or Craig Christy, and any claims that she is are false.
     This is the Alaska Dispatch news article that the story broke from, and now once again Shawn & Craig are getting accused for things they didn't even do.

 AUSA Randall's statement to the Alaskan BAR about Mrs. Sarah Palin.


     Everyone is kind of in shock right now about this, and a lot of questions are out there right now. Aside from the fact that Shawn and Craig were even brought into this, the whole story of Mr. Ferrero's arrest is odd. He claims contact from the Palin's, and knew where Bristol lived. Bristol even posted a picture on her Facebook of herself in a bikini, maybe to help lure this young man to Alaska where it was easier to set him up.
     The story is also odd as for all the pictures of, and reality tv show footage of the Palin's with guns. The girls had no guns on them, in their car, or in the house. Weird... Maybe Sarah after this year's NRA convention where she said "I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy to carry" finally figured out that a cell phone is easier to carry than a gun, and you can use it to call the cops, a win-win!
     Honestly, it is sad in a way that people like the Palin's run around and scream "don't retreat, reload", and all their other gun rhetoric. Firearms are deeply rooted in American history, and heritage. All a firearm is, is a couple pieces of metal that are formed together that fire a bullet from a cartridge, propelled by some type of propellant. A gun is made by a mans hands, and through a mans hands it can save a life, or take a life. In the hands of police and smart law abiding citizens firearms help uphold our laws, our society, and our way of life. In the hands of a irresponsible person or criminal a firearm can cause serious damage. Probably just as many people have been killed or injured by irresponsible gun owners, as they have by criminals with guns. This isn't a political issue, or personal issue, its a common sense issue. Sadly instead of taking her family for a few self defense courses, and learning the safe and responsible way to handle firearms, Sarah and her family would rather use them as a photo prop to make money.
     On a last note before the conclusion of this article, why does Sarah and her family always dramatize these events the way they do? While safety and security are the rights of anyone, yes even Sarah Palin. Maybe if her house, and the homes of her family weren't always used as stage props to make money, and show the world where they all live, then maybe so many people wouldn't know where they live. Or even bother them in the first place for that matter. And maybe then we could feel pity for the Palin's constant media attention.
     All in all, our family is still strong, right now we have a lot of questions. Maybe someday this can all be resolved, but today we stand for values and principles. Thank you to everyone who reads this blog, please read it with an open heart and mind. And thank you to all of our supporters, you know who you are! Keep reading, there is a lot more truth to be revealed...   

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Last Five Years

                                                             The Last Five Years

Well it has been five years now since Ms. Sarah Palin Heath, left her post as Governor of Alaska. In our shortsighted society we seem to only care about what is right in front of us, but sometimes its good if we look back. We cannot move forward, to better ourselves, if we do not know where we came from, or how we came to be at now. So lets take a quick look back at that fateful day of 2009.
July 3rd, 2009. Shawn Christy had to attend a psych evaluation by Dr. Virginia Sherr, at the request of the Secret Service. The Secret Service became involved due to the fact that Ms. Palin Heath had been under their watch during the 2008 election, and for six months after. Part of their job is to monitor the communication of the VIP's that they protect. Their request of the psych eval for Shawn came out during their investigation of the contact between Ms. Palin Heath, and Mr. Christy. As Dr. Sherr was aware of, and stated very clearly in her report, there had been text messages between Shawn, and Sarah.
A few hours later in Alaska we got to see the unexpected resignation of Sarah from office. It didn't really make any sense at the time as her reasons of "being able to make better change outside of politics", or "wanting to help children everywhere", didn't really add up. What did make sense was that in return for her leaving office multiple State, and Federal Indictments against her were dropped, and the FED's decided it would be a great idea to screw the Christy's over, and let Sarah walk.
Now 5 years later we have seen our great fearless ex-governor fall from her posts as governor, cheerleader if the tea party, reality tv star, and christian mother. Now her colors are being exposed as a grifter, and a fake. For a woman who advocates transparency in government, she lives the most secretive life of any politician, and probably hides the most truth.
Sadly the United States Government has not been good to the Christy's. This country has some very good laws, but the problem is when those who are in charge of enforcing those laws, do not enforce them, or use them for their own personal good. If the Government wanted to show it is not corrupt, it could indict people tomorrow who have committed the real crimes in this case. Only time will tell what the Government will do, but maybe instead of depending upon mere mortals, we can let Karma be the judge. 
Shawn Five Years Later
Sarah Five Years Later
Is conviction eating this woman's soul, or is it just the effects of her living her public
'American Dream' life?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sarah Palin's Kids are Out of Control Due to an Absent Mother!

On the last post I did Shawn and Craig Christy's Probation is Illegal to Protect Sarah Palin for President 2012 a comment was posted by Anonymous. The first three pictures are from the links that were shared. There are also some additional comments that were left earlier which implied that the Palin kids were just being kids and that their behavior is normal. I think that the Palin kids are out of control. Besides, I don't believe for a moment that Levi Johnson is the father of Bristol's kid Tripp. More of that later.

*Is this Willow having a good time? Willow and Kelli are known to be very close, maybe just a little too close. Willow Palin was calling my husband Craig in 2011 before he was arrested. Listen for yourself:

1.     AnonymousJune 22, 2014 at 5:12 PM
I hope there is a break for you soon. This is exasperating to say the least. Have the drive by crazies let up yet? Keep up all your good work.

This is O/T but curious... would your son or husband recognize this man? Like the post says "small world isnt it?" Troy is or was a prison guard, now executive? At one time he was at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center in Eagle River, I think when Sherry Johnston was there.
He also transported prisoners.

I don't know if they are militia but they are "Patriots" and 3% types. They have shuttered what they previously posted in social media before. They are very supportive of the Palins.
Troy and Lori, weed warriors. CANWIN (Citizens Against Noxious Weeds Invading the North)
Troy's wife is a dispatcher for the Anchorage Fire Department.
They make frequent trips to Las Vegas. Many coincidences. I am curious if they were also involved with your case.

Their daughter Kelli at Tripp's first birthday.
Kelli was briefly married to Levi's cousin. Tyesn Mark Sampson and Kelli Mina Zaumseil
Kelli was/is a party girl. Partied with the kids close to Palins & Johnstons. Kelli with the tattoo. I don't recall the other girls name but she was part of the gang.

*Troy & Lori (parents of Kelli) with Don Young, who are also very close friends with Sarah & Todd Palin. Makes you wonder if the parents are doing the same thing the kids are.*

*Kelli at Tripp's 1st Birthday*

*Nick Moe, who is being groomed for political office in Anchorage Alaska, the real father of Tripp Palin*

*Levi Johnson. Not the Papa!*

*Bristol with Tripp, who is the spitting image of Nick Moe. How much did the Palin's pay Levi to say that Tripp was his kid in order to not rock the boat with Alaska politics?*

*Shawn & Craig were told on Facebook in 2011 that Nick Moe is the real father of Tripp Palin and Levi is just a fill-in stooge as to not affect Nick Moe's future political aspirations. The person who told the boys this was Rebecca Hanson, who we allege to be Willow Palin.*

Friday, June 20, 2014

Shawn & Craig Christy's Probation is Illegal to Protect Sarah Palin for President 2012!

Title 18 US Code 3563, Conditions of Probation under (b) Discretionary Conditions, Number 14 states that the defendant will remain within the jurisdiction of the court or a probation officer.

Shawn and Craig Christy, by order of Alaska District Judge Timothy M. Burgess, were released on their own recognizance in Alaska after sentencing on June 8, 2012. Their custody was not remanded to Pennsylvania by the judge.

This would mean that, according to the law, the only way Shawn and Craig could end up back in PA would be to have their Alaska USPO transfer them under courtesy supervision. If that were to happen, not only would there be a paper trail, but they would have needed travel passes and instructions. Since Alaska wanted to keep jurisdiction and control of Sarah Palin's mess, this was not done according to the law and the cover-ups continue. The US Court in Alaska never assigned Shawn and Craig probation officers in the District of Alaska where their jurisdiction is. The phone call below shows just how nervous about the situation Deputy Chief Scott Waters of the US Probation Office in Alaska is.
 *Part 1 of the Scott Waters call. Part 2 concerning Shawn's illegal stay in the Scranton half-way house will be coming soon.*
If Shawn and Craig were given US Probation Officers in Alaska, it would mean that they belong to Alaska, and only at their request and approval of the AK probation office could they come back to PA. If they decided to stay in AK, it could bring too much attention to a possible Sarah Palin run for President in 2012. In the above phone call with Craig on February 11, 2013, Scott Waters lies multiple times. Waters says that it was his office that allowed them to come to PA. He states this twice, at the 3:12 minute mark and again a minute later at the 4:13 mark. Waters did not know who it was in his office that actually sent them. Waters also admits that Craig is under Alaska jurisdiction without a probation officer in AK. If that is the case, how can a probation officer in PA do courtesy supervision for AK, if there is no one there for them to report back to?

This is a violation of Title 18 US Code 3653 (b)(14), because they did not assign a probation officer in Alaska when Judge Burgess released them in Alaska on their own recognizance. It is also a criminal acct under Title 18 US Code 1509, Obstruction of Court Orders for not assigning Alaskan US Probation Officers to Craig and Shawn when Judge Burgess sentenced them to five years probation and released them in Alaska June 8th, 2012. The person most guilty of this crime would be Chief Probation Officer Karen Brewer of Alaska, an alleged Palin Christian associate, who just like Palin, might have ties to the militias in Alaska.

This was orchestrated not only by the US Courts in Alaska but also the US Attorney's Office in Alaska, specifically AUSA Retta-Rae Randall. In the above administrative note written on March 26, 2012 by Byron Herbel MD at the Federal Correctional Institute in Maryland, Randall mentions to Dr. Herbel that the court was concerned about implications for the upcoming 2012 Presidential election. This was during the time when Sarah Palin was considering running. The only explanation for Randall talking to Dr. Herbel about Shawn is that it shows more evidence of a conspiracy of federal officials trying to protect Sarah Palin's political career. This is an attempt not only to benefit Sarah but their careers as well. These acts by federal officials in Alaska makes Craig and Shawn's probation illegal and now makes them the victims.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

AK US Probation Officer Paula McCormick provides proof Craig & Shawn Christy's probation is ILLEGAL!

Alaska US PO Paula McCormick admits that Craig Christy never had a Probation Officer in Alaska. This makes Craig as well as Shawn's probation illegal in the Middle District of Pennsylvania. This is because Judge Burgess released them both on their own recognizance from Alaska after their sentencing. Judge Burgess could not remand custody of Craig & Shawn to PA because it would have required them to have Official Alaska US Probation Officers handling their cases. Officers in both Alaska and Pennsylvania both admit the probation was courtesy probation by PA for Alaska, with Alaska keeping jurisdiction.

*AK US PO Paula McCormick says that Craig does not have a PO in Alaska and that Robert Comine is his PO in Pennsylvania. She also states that she is now Shawn's PO.*

The mistake that Judge Burgess made was when he did not create a paper trail for how Craig & Shawn were supposed to arrive in PA from Alaska. Since the judge released both on their own recognizance in AK, the only way Craig & Shawn could get back to PA would have been to have a travel pass from their AK US Probation Officer to the PA US Probation Officer Robert Comine. There are no travel passes for Craig & Shawn because they never had US Probation Officers in Alaska.

*Craig is released from Alaska on his Own Recognizance.*
The phone call above is between Craig and US PO Paula McCormick. She not only admits that Craig has no Probation Officer in Alaska, but that PA US PO Robert Comine is Craig's official Probation Officer. This is all done without Judge Burgess remanding custody of jurisdiction to PA, without an AK US Probation Officer, and without a travel pass.

The phone call below is AK US PO Paula McCormick saying she will go to her boss about an issue, even though Craig does not have an Alaska Probation Officer. McCormick also admits that their case is in Alaska.

*Even though AK US PO Paula McCormick is not Craig's PO, nor does he even have one in AK, she is willing to go to her AK boss about an issue Craig is having with PA.*

The US Probation Offices lied to the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to get Shawn out of Alaska and into a half-way house in PA. If Shawn had a PO from Alaska he would not have been able to enter the Scranton PA half-way house. The BOP would have placed him in a half-way house in Alaska. The only other way the BOP would have allowed him into the PA half-way house would have been for Judge Burgess to transfer jurisdiction to PA in order to make the transfer legal.

*Candidate information on Judge Timothy M. Burgess.*

Judge Burgess' actions once again, are to protect Sarah Palin if she decided to enter the 2012 Presidential elections, and to protect the Republican Party. As I have reported previously, Burgess has protected Palin in other federal cases of hers. There was also the possibility of Judge Timothy M. Burgess wanting to run for AK US Senate. Burgess is trying to protect his own political career now that Sarah Palin's career is finished. To do all this, he illegally transferred jurisdiction to PA under Judge Matthew W. Brann, Federal District Court Judge in Williamsport PA.

*Note: Unlike the illegally taped phone calls by John Tiemessen and Chuck & Sally Heath, Sarah Palin's parents, all recordings were obtained legally by federal law because Alaska is a 1-Consent only state and has no overriding state laws according to federal statute. Pennsylvania is a 2-Party Consent state. This is why Alaska Assistant US Attorney Retta-Rae Randall has never brought full discovery or other charges against Craig & Shawn. This is also why Craig & Shawn were only charged with letting the phone ring continuously. Stay tuned, a lot more evidence will be provided on this blog in the near future.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Law Enforcement Does Nothing to Stop the Harassment of the Christy's but Continues Their Own Harassment for Sarah Palin!

We had high hopes that finally after the 4th (this year alone) strange vehicle that was stalking our house, something was finally going to be done. McAdoo Police Chief Jeffrey Wainwright said he was going to look into who these people were that continually stalk our house, two of them being from out of state. Chief Wainwright was in our home on April 30th, 2014 reviewing all the video footage and we have heard nothing from him since then. We have also not heard anything back from him concerning his obtaining thumb drives of this video evidence. Apparently now it seems as these suspicious vehicles are now being protected by the Federal Bureau of Investigations. It seems in the fine style of the FBI / FEDS I was given a Mother's Day gift to keep my mouth shut. At 11:27 AM on May 11th, the morning of Mother's Day, we had the R-44 FBI copter fly low over our alley to send me a message. Later in the day there was a return flight in the afternoon. This copter is black and has big orange lettering that says "FBI" painted on the sides. Sometimes they even use a smaller copter known as a R-22 which is also black with orange letters on the sides. Check out the video below for yourself.


*My Mother's Day gift from the FBI*

It seems as if once again Sarah Palin and her gang who oppose big government, have big government protecting a private citizen who was never even a federal official. There is a good chance in the video below that these last two individuals in the black pick up truck are federal agents. My husband Craig knows people in the drive-by inspection industry and has recently spoken to one of the biggest companies in the United States who supply this service. A basic property inspection includes only driving by and taking up to four pictures and then leaving the vicinity. Their only purpose is to show that the home is occupied. The individuals doing this type of inspection are usually not privy to why they are being sent out. They are only given an address and told to take pictures. They are paid $12 to $30 a job according to how many houses they can do an hour. This would eliminate anyone coming from out of state to do the work for only $12.00 a day!

You will note in this video below that the individuals are parked and are filming our house, specifically Shawn's bedroom window, for over a minute before they attempt to assault Craig with their truck. Even though they said they were with the bank, banks do not have people who sit and film houses. Also, the man driving sounds off as somebody in law enforcement when he says "You have 30 seconds to get back from the truck" which was a threat. This is not the standard response for anybody doing property inspections. They also don't go around giving people the middle finger as the woman in the truck did to my husband upon their effort to leave the scene. The video was cut short because my husband Craig was pelted with gravel from the man who spun his tires to leave the scene quickly. Watch the action below for yourself.


*This recording was the second pass they made of our house. We did not get the first pass on video.*

*April 30, 2014 ~ Black Chevy Silverado ~ PA plate ZFD-3155*

*March 24, 2014 ~ Blue Volkswagon Jetta ~ KY plate 744-RCY*

We also had another suspicious vehicle on March 6th that was reported to 911 and the local police. I do not have a video but it was a middle aged guy, short black hair, mustache and was driving a Blue Minivan PA plate EER-2934.

*January 29, 2014 ~Black Chevy Suburban ~ NY plate GHK-4038*

I think it is about time to have the people you pay tax dollars to do their jobs. The way you do this is to file civil suits against them personally, and who they work for. We will begin by filing a civil suit against the McAdoo Police Department and also McAdoo Borough. We have video tape evidence of not just the police abandoning their duty in these situations, but we also have McAdoo Police not doing anything for other crimes that have been reported to them (with evidence) against my family. Let's see what happens when my husband Craig puts them on the stand in front of a judge. Will they still be willing then to cover for the Feds, especially when it will be costing the town officials money and possible re-election bids? These are the same people who employ the McAdoo Police. Remember, it was the same McAdoo Police in 2009 that covered for the Feds and Sarah Palin's false reports of Shawn being in Alaska when he was home every night here in PA. He was only 17 years old! To this day we thank the US Capitol Police for sticking their nose into things and uncovering the truth. That truth being the lies by the FBI, Secret Service, US Attorney in Alaska, Alaska's Governor's Security, PA State Troopers David Takach & Tommy Powell, and of course, that famous Former Governor of Alaska, who has been a private citizen ever since, Sarah Palin!