Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Alaska US Attorney Karen Loeffler Withholds Evidence Against Shawn & Craig Christy.....

Just Like As What Was Done To US Senator Ted Stevens!

1)      Shawn and Craig Christy are arrested on August 18, 2011 in Allentown PA. Each were charged with (1) count of Harassing Telephone Calls, Letting the phone ring continuously.

2)      Shawn is appointed an attorney, Marc S. Fisher. Shawn meets with his attorney before his detention hearing to see if he will be sent to Alaska.

3)      Craig is appointed an attorney, Michael E. Brunnabend. Craig doesn’t even get to meet with his attorney until 30 seconds after the hearing begins. Judge Arnold C. Rappaport will not even allow Craig time to confer with his attorney in order to prepare his defense.

4)      As the detention hearing begins, both attorneys are astounded to find that AUSA John Gallagher from Allentown has provided them NO discovery (evidence) against their clients. The only thing they received was the 2-page official indictment from the District of Alaska.

5)      AUSA Gallagher from Allentown proceeds to argue his case to detain Shawn and Craig. Gallagher states “The pair made hundreds of threatening calls.” (Craig and Shawn were not indicted for threatening calls). Gallagher presents his claims to Judge Rapoport but provides no evidence. Gallagher even goes on to state that Shawn was arrested in Washington DC on June 11, 2009, and that he had a gun at the time. This statement is utterly false as Shawn did not have a gun on him when he was in Washington DC, and Shawn was not arrested when he was in Washington DC!

6)      Without any evidence, Judge Arnold C. Rapoport of Allentown PA, decides to detain Shawn and Craig and send them 4,000 miles to Alaska, stating that, “The FBI generally knows what it is doing.”

7)      If Shawn and Craig’s attorneys, Fisher and Brunnabend, had been given discovery (evidence), this is what they would have found:

A)     The indictment was illegal. Letting the phone ring continuously is not harassment when you have legitimate business. Shawn and Craig were acting as their own attorneys in the protective orders that Sarah Palin had against them. It wasn’t until August 10, 2011, one day after being indicted for contacting Palin’s attorney John Tiemessen, that Judge Jonathon Lack of Alaska issued a written contact only order for Shawn.

3AN-11-01112CI 08/10/2011 Order Granting Motion to Modify Protective Order

Case Motion #5: Cross Motion To Mr. Tiemessen's Request To Limit Contact 08/10/2011 Order on Petitioner's Cross Motion for Written-Only Contact and Respondent's Motion to Dissolve

B)     Craig never had a written contact order placed against him. He had legitimate business with Tiemessen regarding the protective order case against him from Palin. A written contact order could not have been granted against Craig for his case was already closed on July 31, 2011. Judge Lack at that point did not have the legal authority to grant one for Tiemessen.

3AN-11-01107CI  07/15/2011 Motion to Modify or Dissolve Long Term Protective Order

Filing Party:  Christy, Craig

Case Motion #3 07/21/2011 Magistrate's Response on Request for Recusal  07/25/2011 Order on Review of Request for Recusal for Cause  07/31/2011 Order on Motion to Dissolve - denied

Case Motion #3: Motion to Modify or Dissolve Long Term Protective Order  07/31/2011 Case Closed

A)     Most of all, both attorneys Fisher and Brunnabend, would have seen that John Tiemessen Illegally wiretapped both Shawn and Craig to gather supportive evidence against them. Shawn and Craig were in PA when Tiemessen’s law firm recorded them, a 2-party consent state. Tiemessen NEVER asked permission to record those calls!

This is not the first time Alaska has withheld discovery (evidence) to make sure that it could maliciously prosecute someone. The same US Attorney’s Office did the same thing with former US Senator Ted Stevens. Stevens would eventually be cleared and only AUSA underlings would be blamed for withholding evidence that would have cleared Stevens from the beginning. This time we can all clearly see that US Attorney Karen Loeffler of Alaska is directing her AUSA’s like Retta-Rae Randall and Jo Ann Farrington, to withhold evidence to have high profile individuals indicted. AUSA Jo Ann Farrington of all people, should be turning in her boss to the Criminal Division Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice (DOJ). Farrington used to be the Deputy Chief of that section under former Attorney General Janet Reno during President Bill Clinton’s administration.
For further reading:
Breaking News: I have received information today concerning the most damaging evidence against those in the US Government who are trying to protect Sarah Palin in order to protect themselves. I will be posting this information on the blog in the next several days so check back again soon. This is the worst case of extortion by government officials in the history of the United States. All of this to protect America's #1 domestic terrorist, Sarah Palin!


  1. Alaska. Best known for it's harassment of citizens such as Dave Haeg, Skyler Waite, and hundreds of others who stand up for their rights. All while giving protection to people like Todd "The Pimp", Sarah "The Terror". Anthony "Cuff and Assault" Rollins and other APD based sexual predators.

    Hang in there Karen. You know you have a lot of us supporting you! :)

  2. Hi Mrs. Christy, its so corrupt and incestuous! I can hardly understand the twists and turns but I'm sure Legal eagles can get quite all they need from reading your absolutely wonderful informative blog :) I look forward to EACH & EVERY one! I am sure I'm not the only one ;-)
    Also,too...So as for....
    All the chicken shit "concern trolls" who have to attack you on other blogs b/c they don't have the ballz to come here, fuk 'em! All of 'em any of them!
    And as the anon above said "You know you have a lot of us supporting you" and I get tons of RT on twitter! It feels so good to spread the word about these lyin' grifters! And yes Sarah is a DOMESTIC TERRORIST AND SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR THE GOOD OF OUR COUNTRY AND PROTECTION ON CITIZENS!

  3. Karen Christy says in 2009 Shawn's email was also hacked like mine was. How many email accounts did the Palin/Parnell team of criminals hack? I have also had documents degrade and a sudden failure of a hard drive right after I wrote a fifty page letter to send to Sarah Palin. http://frozenjustice.blogspot.com/2013/10/public-records-request-shows.html

    1. They are domestic Terrorists! She put a kid in jail like Shawn for guessing her stupid email pw yet she and the SOA hack everyone Else's emails? Oh and She BRAGGED about hacking Randy Ruedrich email! Arrest them all!

    2. Also there were Shailey Tripp and Cybertron emails between Todd Palin's government issued email and they were redacted and withheld from the email dump on crivella west site. We have to ask why???

  4. Wow! so weird Sarah is starting her Grifter tour in PA? Stalking much? Really why IS SHE?
    We all know that when Palins gaslight someone by calling them names like "Stalker" it IS THEM doing the stalking. I find it odd. I hope the FEDS are watching her and her sicko family...I'm worried for the Christy's safety.
    We all saw the Crosshairs on the map (above) and the dead bear threat to Mr. Piers! That family is a bunch of psychos and they should be put in jail! A long time ago!

  5. Hey "eyes" go to this blog also, too http://malialitman.wordpress.com/2013/11/08/message-to-sarah-palin-from-billy-graham-god-loves-sinners/#comment-84387 lots of threats to the blogger by multiple names! Snarky palin like. Those people can't stay away from the drugs and their crackberries!

  6. I knew Ted Stevens and he is not the villain he has been painted to be. I believe Sarah Palin had his plane tampored with and no regard for all the life she destroyed.

    1. When his plane went down, the Palin Mafia were my first thought. Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

  7. Also more proof that the Palin's are not trustworthy is in my book Boys Will Be Boys!
    People are still buying copies and to this day no one has ever disputed ANY of the content. Check it out for yourselves.

    1. And you did report David Chaney to the Committee of the Secret Service investigation...That is on Malia blog for anyone interested. Todd was pimping out the Secret service during the 08 campaign! Unfucking believable but 100% true!

  8. shaytripp: You are always in our hearts and in our prayers! We have traveled down the same road and have learned the same truths. As the Creator brings us all together, the truths will be revealed to the world and we will all be vindicated. Blessings to you and to all the others that are trying to get the truth out about the Palins and how many lives they have destroyed.

  9. A Fake "Shawn's Mom" has posted at Maila's http://malialitman.wordpress.com/2013/11/22/bill-oreilly-reveals-the-nature-of-a-professional-quitter-like-sarah-palin/
    The "Faker" @
    November 22, 2013 at 2:37 pm
    Shawn's Mom
    And then the REAL "Shawn's Mom" Post @
    November 22, 2013 at 8:31 pm
    Shawn's Mom
    Someone Hacked Karen's email!!!! And used HER name to post AT MALIAS blog! Malia is also trying to expose the Palin's and Todd's Pimping!

  10. Yes my email was ha ked earlier this year. During the same time my apartment was vandalized and my property outdoors was stolen. The police refused to make a report.

    1. Shay call Interpol and make a report or/and Secret Service!