Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Warning: Sarah Palin is a Danger to your Teenage Sons!

In the above photo that was taken recently, Sarah Palin is hanging out with her daughter Bristol. From the looks of it, Sarah seems to be playing the part of Bristol’s sister rather than her mother. With that in mind, what I am going to cover here is not only the changes that have occurred in Sarah since she announced she was resigning from the Governor’s office on 7-3-09, but also some well documented facts that show Sarah is a child sex predator. Let’s take a look.

Research from Goth and Bimbaum in 1978 described the typology that Sarah is suffering from. She is preferential, which means she has a true interest in children. She is also sadistic and violent and targets strangers more often than acquaintances. Sarah is fixated with little or no personal activity with people of her own age. She could be described as an overgrown child.

Sarah’s appearance has drastically changed since her sexting relationship with Shawn in 2009. This next pic is from when Sarah was speaking at CPAC this year. Notice the way she has made herself up to appear as a teenager who talking to an adult audience while sipping on a soda.

Even Sarah’s demeanor at CPAC had to be questioned.  She was showing her true self which is that of a sexual deviant, by telling the audience that ‘Todd has the gun, but I’ve got the rack.’ This type of comment would be mostly heard from the hallways of a junior high school, and not appropriate for one of the most important gatherings of Conservatives in this country.

As I discussed in a prior post on my blog back in March titled: Who is the Real Victim, Shawn Christy or Sarah Palin? I posted information on a host of other clinical signs showing that Sarah Palin, emotionally has never developed past her high school years. Sarah displays a lack of responsibility for her behaviors, always portraying herself as the victim. Sarah also has difficulty accepting that some things in life are beyond her control. This comes from her need for power and control. Sarah’s marriage is chaotic and her husband Todd has been known to use prostitutes and even to pimp some out.

What I fear the most is that Shawn has not been Sarah’s only victim. According to the FBI, child predators are an on-line threat that continues to grow. http://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2011/may/predators_051711/predators_051711
There are basically two types of pedophiles on the Internet—those who seek face-to-face meetings with children and those who are content to anonymously collect and trade child pornography images.

Those seeking face-to-face meetings create bogus identities online, sometimes posing as teenagers. Then they troll the Internet for easy victims—youngsters with low self-esteem, problems with their parents, or a shortage of money. The pedophile might find a 14-year-old girl, for example, who has posted seemingly harmless information on her space for anyone to see. The pedophile sends a message saying he goes to high school in a nearby town and likes the same music or TV shows she likes.

Then the pedophile cultivates a friendly online relationship that investigators call “grooming.” It could continue for days or weeks before the pedophile begins bringing up sexual topics, asking for explicit pictures or for a personal meeting. By that time an emotional connection has been made—and pedophiles can be master manipulators. Even if an actual meeting never takes place, it is important to note that youngsters can be victimized by such sexually explicit online contact.

Even the FBI admits that the victims of this type of abuse can suffer from a host of problems.
I believe this story will speak a lot more about Sarah Palin with pictures than with words. I will add a few more pics here for you to look at that show this woman and her public behavior. I will let you be the judge, after looking at the change in Sarah Palin, if you think she was capable of having a sexting affair with my 17-year old son Shawn. I not only believe she is capable. I also believe she did.

It is a shame that Sarah does not have the guts to get herself some help from a place such as the Mayo Clinic which has some of the best doctors in the world.

*I would like to thank one of Shawn’s big supporters in Richardson Texas for help with this story.
*Compare the "old" Sarah to the "new" Sarah"



  1. There was a recent blog post on another blog of a Wasilla teen in Sarah house in AZ making a video, some silly video about asking a girl to the prom. Why would a Wasilla kid need to travel all that way to make a video in sarah's house? Is Piper old enough to go to the prom? Why is Sarah "hanging" with a teenaged boy? Remember when she asked Levi to "show her how to use the gun, under her BED"?
    Why hasn't the sexter-texter been arrested? Why is SHE being allowed to carry on and Shawn is made out to be the villain? Woman Pedo's were rare but becoming more common place as we see teachers sexually abusing kids in school.
    I remember seeing a video of that house it has a secret back door to the main bedroom.
    When will the courts Stop this evil women? Maybe if we can find one not run by bi-bisexual's being blackmailed by Todd! Call Interpol! I can't wait to tweet this out to Interpol!

    1. Crystal, keep in mind this family has a number of friends who live in Arizona. They are obviously going to visit them at home, as they do in Alaska. You sound like you need help just like Ms. christy. I hope you get i. I also hope you gain intelligence to understand things without hate and just plainly see things.

    2. Good grief the MORONS that populate the earth.
      That would be you Crystel and the STALKER MOM.

      Ask yourself something why doesn't Shawns Mom take her supposed info. to MSNBC,CNN,ABC,CBS,NBC, And other news outlets we all know that they would be champing at the bit at anything to take Sarah Palin down. I have two guesses on that.
      1. she doesn't because she is just a liar and knows it's not true.
      2. she already has but they realize what a CRAZY LUNATIC she is and don't want to lose the credibility that they have left.

      Shawns mom what you are doing constitutes as stalking.

    3. To; Anonymous April 25, 2013 at 9:14 PM

      Please provide a definition of stalking.

    4. AnonymousApril 24, 2013 at 10:54 AM

      Crystal, keep in mind this family has a number of friends who live in Arizona.
      Yes young men, like Shawn. Uh huh Tee you would know now wouldn't you?
      AnonymousApril 25, 2013 at 9:14 PM

      Good grief the MORONS that populate the earth.
      That would be you Crystel and the STALKER MOM.
      Kristy, if anyone IS a stalker its YOU and the HEATHS!
      Are you upset that Shawn's mom is posting DOCs here? Proof? I can't WAIT until she posts the Sexting of the Sexter-texter!
      Kristy STFU.
      Your boring. You always say the SOS. Get over yourself 'K?
      Oh Krusty, please explain this statement: "Shawns mom what you are doing constitutes as stalking"
      You really need to have your meds adjusted. Really bad. Where's your sister? Where's your bedpan?
      Oh and Krusty...its spelled CRYSTAL!!!

    5. "You sound like you need help just like Ms. christy. I hope you get i. I also hope you gain intelligence to understand things without hate and just plainly see things."
      Oh great Goddess, I do declare...your a lawyer and a Psych dr too?
      Oh my goddess! Tee let me tell you something.
      Your client Sharia needs help. She has blown up her tits to a ridiculous size that doesn't go with the 89lb methed out body. if she dies the enablers like YOU will be held responsible for not getting her the help she needs. FYI instead of telling me and Shawn's mom we need help STFU and get Sarah help.
      What you and her family show is REAL hate.
      You won't get her the help she needs?
      Methed out sexter-texter, The Toad is a pimp how long do you think this little charade with continue? DHS and McCain, Darryl issa all know about Toad prostitution business. I do believe when the "whip comes down" YOU will be the one needing help...Tee.
      now go play with the trailer boys and leave the adults alone.

  2. Oh Shawn's Mom in all my excitement I forgot to tell you what a Fucking Awesome blog post.

    I bet someone's having a extra snort tonight! Watch it Sarah, speed kills! Along with your alarming weight loss, I can imagine your heart the size of a pea. 89 lbs? Get it off your chest sarah I don't mean those ugly fake tits either...confess!

    Great job Shawn's mom this must go far and wide so people know exactly WHAT Sarah Palin is. A Pedophile.
    Just like her father. Pass the baby oil!

  3. Hey Everyone Interpol is after child abusers! I just notified them twice about this blog post and how corrupt the SOA is all the way to the FBI, Federal judges and Sarah Palin and her Family! Here is their contact twitter @INTERPOL_HQ
    Lets Get this show on the road and expose the sick woman that is Sarah Palin aka Sexter-texter and her sycophants in Alaska all of 'em any of 'em that goes for you Tee also,too!!!
    Stop the political Corruption on all levels in Alaska
    Interpol FYI The corruption is from blackmailed judges and lawyers all the way up the food chain to Fed judges, ALL of the state of Alaska and
    involes our Dept of Homeland Security see story of Todd Sex Trafficking on Malia littmen's blog https://malialitman.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/homeland-security-has-responded-to-my-foia-request/#comment-64567 and how the Dept of Homeland security is not responding to her FOIA's! Todd was pimping on the VPOTUS campaign trail!!!

    1. Good for you! That nasty John McCain will protect her a-- I hope they get him.

  4. This post is too far Ms christy. Well, none of your posts demonstrate sane mind but this is just sad. I am sad for you. I hope you receive the help you need.

    I like how you convenient leave out all the friends of Sarah's and her husband who were also pictured at that restaurant dancing with everyone. You take ONE picture in a parking lot out of context to write your propaganda.

    1. Anonymous @ 10:52: So tell me, how do you explain the "rest" of the pictures? There are 4 others on this post alone that support what I said in my post. Explain please.

    2. Hi Tee!

      "This post is too far Ms christy. Well, none of your posts demonstrate sane mind but this is just sad. I am sad for you. I hope you receive the help you need."

      WTF? I haz a sad? Well Trailer park boy you better haz a sad.
      You will sink with the rest of the rats and your presence here is harassing the Christy's!

      Not surprising as it is well known to US that Sarah has her lackey's and Bitches blog comments for her. Especially now b/c she is so methed up and drunk to do it herself.

      Who needs medication? Are you a dr. now? Wow first you have a crystal ball on your computer that guess people's ages and now you can diagnose over the internet. I do believe that is practicing without a license.

      Your filthy little Palin fueled propaganda bullshit doesn't work here tee! Go play with your trailer boys and STFU!

  5. OT: Judge Burgess (bought judge) who is in Palins pocket also,too, well
    this is too awesome...The COURTS FINALLY TOLD SARAH PALIN NO!!!!
    "I will do what I want until the courts tell me no"~Sarah Palin or sexter-texter as she is known...
    So weird b/c just last week he order restitution on Mr. Christy? Maybe Mr. Christy can appeal? I do think something is in the air...Spring :)
    or something....

    1. Thanks for posting this. I read that post. Nice outcome, and I'm glad to see that Judge Burgess is fair. I had started to lose faith in the court system and to think that Judge Burgess was not operating outside the bounds of the law. I'm happy to see that I was wrong.

    2. I only posted to show the courts are finally telling the bitch NO!!!! Not b/c he is fair b/c he is not. He is in the pocket of Sarah Palin as well as her "lawyer" John Teimessin. (Trailer Boys)
      Most likely being blackmailed by the Toad b/c of sexual peccadillo's. The MYSTERY is WHY Judge Burgess did a 360 turn?
      Nobody buys this "judge burgess is fair" bullshit!
      But since this episode, I really hope Mr. Christy can appeal or maybe the Interpol can intercede?
      Malia Litman posted this link today The Corrupt Bastards of Alaska Really shocked Judge Burgess and Tee aren't on the list....YET! Everyone send this Blog Link---> to Interpol! Since they are now investigating Sexual child abuse and Sex trafficking, they are sure to be very interested in stopping these monsters! Also since the WHOLE state of Alaska is corrupt, all the way up the food chain FBI, FED attorney's (hi Rhetta) Interpol needs to do a Total and clean sweep of all gov and law enforcement involved with this "Alaskan mafia" all lawyers and judges must be arrested,who are involved, also too! It could even lead to the Supreme court! ;-)
      Here is the link---> to Interpol!<-------
      ***FREE SHAWN CHRISTY**** victim of sexual abuser Sarah!

  6. you people are all completely insane! Completely!
    I hope to hell the Palin's sue you for everything you've got because you deserve to lose it all with the horrific lies you are attempting to spread.

    Absolute filth - the lot of you.

    1. Exactly what LIES palinbot?
      Maybe you ought to OPEN your eyes and see the HORRIFIC lies the Palins tell.
      Bot open your eyes. Bless your heart also,too!

    2. I've invited the Phailins to sue me. The reason they don't sue anyone is that they are allergic to the truth.

      They won't because just like what is in Joe's book they can't sue for what is true.

    3. If the Palins were going to sue anyone,they would have started with authors like Joe McGinniss and Shailey Tripp, who have published books detailing many of their crimes and misdeeds. Do you know why they don't? "It's called discovery, dickhead" (H/T My Cousin Vinny)

  7. Think of me as a friendly reporter who has come into some information. I hope that John Tiemessen is reading this. My first question is why does John Tiemessen's personal cell phone number appear in Shailey Tripp's cell phone records 6 times each call lasting more than 30 seconds as long as 7 minutes from 2008-2010? Why does Todd Palin's phone number appear in Shailey Tripp's phone records 12 times each call more than 2 minutes? What is the explanation Palin family or Tiemessen? Will you also make a comment on the book Boys Will Be Boys by Bottoms & Tripp? What do you say on the medical records from the All About You Spa that clearly shows that Shailey Tripp gave both Sarah Palin and Todd Palin massages in Feb and March of 2008? Why does the DMV show Tripp lic plates originally issued to Todd Palin in March of 2008? Please Mr. Tiemessen answer these questions. Perhaps this should be printed and shown to Judge Burgess. If you need proof of any of this all Judge Birgess has to do is order a supenoas and look for himself.Final question why has Tiemessen, the Palins, or Officer Padgett not sued Shailey Tripp for defamation, slander, or lies in her book Boys Will Be Boys?

    1. Friendly reporter we all know why!!
      Reporter, how come you didn't ask John about the Sexter-Texter or where are the records of Sarah Sexting Shawn a 17 yr old?
      Judge Burgess is in the Palin pocket ;-) Just sayin'....