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Sarah Palin's Residency? Were the Protective Orders Legal?

On May 13, 2011 at 4:35 pm AZ Mountain Time, Sarah Palin and the group she is affiliated with, Safari Investments LLC, purchased a home in Scottsdale Arizona at 29005 North 82nd Street. The purchase price was nearly $1.7 million. Why would Sarah, such a devoted Alaska resident and former Governor, purchase a home in Arizona that was more expensive than her home in AK? Did Sarah have future plans to reignite her political career and reinvent herself in a more realistic role model by becoming a Senator in the state of Arizona, replacing the current Senator, John McCain? If this is true, then her current residency according to AZ laws would be in AZ. Was this the reason Sarah’s attorney, John Tiemessen, was so nervous when he called us 3 hours before our protective order hearings in AK on May 9th, 2011? Were the protective orders legal under the Uniform Interstate Enforcement of Protective Orders Act? Let’s take a look at this.

According to the Uniform Interstate Enforcement of Protective Orders Act, under Section 88.003 (d)(3), a foreign protective order is valid if the order was rendered by a tribunal that had jurisdiction over the parties subject matter under the law of the issuing state. Being this was a protective order given in AK to cover residents in PA this would make this a foreign protective order from AK. The problem begins with, was Sarah Palin an Alaska resident at the time?

According to the laws for residency in AZ from the Medicaid Agency, you are a resident of AZ if you are over the age of 21, currently living in AZ with the intention to remain in the state permanently or for an indefinite period of time or currently residing in AZ to obtain or pursue permanent employment or enter AZ with a job commitment. According to these guidelines this would make Sarah Palin a resident of AZ at the time she bought the house on May 13, 2011 if she was pursuing John McCain’s office either by appointment or by election. This would also make her residency in Alaska invalid at this point.

Alaska Code 15acc23.143. Establishing and maintaining AK residency, Title 15, Revenue, under #3 states the AK Dept of Revenue will consider whether or not an individual is a resident of AK if an individual is taken other action during or subsequent to the qualifying year that is inconsistent with an intent to remain in AK indefinitely. This would seriously put in questions evaluating any individual in AK claiming AK residency. If this is the case would Sarah Palin be eligible for the AK yearly dividend check and has she been receiving these checks? If so, this would be fraud. Also, according to AK Fish & Game Requirements for residency, a person must be physically present in AK with the intent to remain indefinitely and make a home there. Since the purchase of Sarah’s home in AZ in May of 2011, any hunting or fishing she would have been involved with would have been illegal there if she was saying that she was still an AK resident. Would this not also be true for Todd as well, as aren’t they still married? How many marriages have a husband and wife with residencies in different states?

Alaska Residency Definitions:

Alaska Resident per AS 16.05.415(a): "resident" means a person (including an alien) who is physically present in Alaska with the intent to remain indefinitely and make a home here, has maintained that person's domicile in Alaska for the 12 consecutive months immediately preceding this application for a license, and is not claiming residency or obtaining benefits under a claim of residency in another state, territory, or country; a member of the military service or U.S. Coast Guard who has been stationed in Alaska for the 12 consecutive months immediately preceding this application for a license; or a dependent of a resident member of the military service or U.S. Coast Guard who has lived in Alaska for the 12 consecutive months immediately preceding this application for a license. A person who does not otherwise qualify as a resident may not qualify by virtue of an interest in an Alaska business.

Per AS 16.05.415(b): A person who establishes residency in the state in accordance with the residency provision above remains a resident during an absence from the state unless during the absence the person (1) establishes or claims residency in another state, territory, or country; or (2) performs an act, or is absent under circumstances, that are inconsistent with the intent required under the residency provision above.

Arizona Residency Definitions:

An adult (i.e., aged 21 or over) is an Arizona resident if either of the following apply:
·     Currently living in Arizona with the intention to remain in the state permanently or for an indefinite time period
·     Currently residing in Arizona to obtain or pursue employment or entered Arizona with a job commitment.

Sarah would still have a problem because in the United States, you cannot reside in two states. If Sarah were to pursue John McCain’s seat to meet the Constitutional requirements to be a US Senator she would have to be residing in AZ at the time of the appointment or when she ran for election. But according to this next article, if Sarah Palin  is still saying she is a resident of AK and taking the benefits from that state there would be no way she could fulfill the AZ residency requirements.

How to Establish Arizona Residency Paxton Robert Paxton has been writing professionally since 2002 when he published his first novel. He has also published short stories and poems and writes ad copy for various websites. He graduated from the University of Arizona in 1995 with a bachelor's degree in creative writing. Paxton is a trained Montessori instructor who has taught at both the elementary and the secondary levels.

You can obtain residency by meeting just one of several requirements.
Obtaining Arizona residency is easy, as long as you are able to meet one of several requirements. These requirements regard employment or business, school attendance, physical presence and non-residency in other states. These can differ depending upon the reason you wish to establish your residency in the state. The Motor Vehicle Division in Arizona has different criteria for evaluating residency than the Game and Fish Department. Both of these government divisions have different criteria than the universities. Meeting any one of several requirements is sufficient in each case.

Things You'll Need:

Rental Contract, Utility Bill, Business License, Paycheck stub, Driver's License, Voter Identification, Arizona tax form
  • Instructions:
1) Reside in Arizona seven or more months out of each year. If this is the criteria you wish to meet, then you should obtain some sort of proof that you have lived in the state. Staying at your friend's house with no evidence of residence will probably not convince anyone. A dated rental contract with proof of payment will most likely work, as well as utility bills with your name on them.

2) Own a business that has offices in Arizona. Alternatively, you can own a business that has vehicles operating in the state. You will want to have a copy of a business license valid in one of Arizona's municipalities in order to prove this.

3) Hold a job in Arizona that is not derived from seasonal agricultural work. A paycheck stub from a business with an address in Arizona would demonstrate this employment. Seasonal work in agriculture does not meet residency requirements because these workers move from state to state with great frequency.

4) Have a child in the state's school system and do not pay non-residency fees. If the school system has accepted you as a resident, this may be sufficient proof for other agencies.

5) Possess an Arizona driver's license. If the Motor Vehicle Division has accepted you as a resident, this can go a long way toward providing to other agencies that you are a resident. When you get a driver's license, Arizona makes it easy to register to vote simultaneously. Proof of voter registration would also serve to establish residency for an inquiring agency.

6) Pay state income tax in Arizona. A tax form with your name, the date of the most recent tax year and language regarding the amount of money you paid as state income tax will be proof of residency.

7) Meet any of the above criteria without being a resident of another state. Residency in another state negates the opportunity to be a resident of Arizona, no matter how many criteria you meet.

Just look at # 7, it says residency in another state negates the opportunity to be a resident in AZ no matter how many criteria you have met. This means that even if Sarah were to require an AZ driver’s license, she still would not meet the AZ requirements to be a resident if she is still taking benefits from the State of Alaska. So, what does this have to do with the protective orders?

If Sarah Palin filed for protective orders against my family in April 2011 knowing that she was going to move to AZ to replace Senator John McCain, then according to AK law, she was not an AK resident because she did not plan on staying in AK. According to AZ law, when she bought her home in Scottsdale with the intent to pursue an employment opportunity, she already became an AZ resident. This explains John Tiemessen’s call three hours before our protective order hearings on May 9, 2011. It also explains why the parties were not present for the beginning of the hearing and that it took John Tiemessen an hour and a half to finally locate at least Sarah Palin for the hearing. Kristan Cole never showed up as she was supposedly on an airplane. Chuck Heath never showed up as he was stranded on an island in southwest AK bear hunting and could not find transportation to get home. And Sally Heath was reportedly in the hospital with heart problems.

Tiemessen’s biggest fear with this call was whether or not he would be able to talk us into a continuance for the hearing. He even told Shawn that maybe ‘we could see how things go and then we could talk about whether or not new protective orders would be needed in the future.’ Shawn, Craig and myself said no to a continuance because we felt that the protective orders were illegal. This left John Tiemessen going into a panic before Shawn hung up the phone.

Have these protective orders ever been legal? If Sarah Palin knew she was moving to AZ for McCain’s job, why did she not have the orders transferred to AZ under law? When Sarah accused Shawn and Craig of breaking the orders in 2011, why did she not go to the AK State Troopers or her local police? Was it because she was at that time, not officially a resident of AK and trying to gain her requirements under the US Constitution to be a Senator in AZ? Why did Tiemessen only report the violations of the protective orders to the court which had no arrest authority? And most of all, why in Shawn and Craig’s pre-sentence reports from their federal hearings, they did not receive any points on their offense levels for violating the protective orders? The answer to this is simple, the protective orders were illegal. That is why John Tiemessen, along with the help of the Anchorage FBI, had to use a plan of entrapment to have Craig and Shawn arrested. This plan technically would not involve Sarah Palin, and who I believe  is not a resident of AK nor has she been a resident of AK since early 2011.

Today at 3:00 pm AZ Mountain Time, Sarah Palin will be joining in a walk to fight against child abuse with the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer. Could this be the prelude to the future of John McCain leaving his Senate seat in AZ only to have Sarah Palin appointed to finish his term? Sarah has moved all her important people to the Scottsdale area in the past few years and I am sure that those people would take immediate or at least future posts in her new office. Her BFF Kristan Cole, has become the southwest regional director for Keller Williams Realty. Cole got rid of the  extra baggage in AK, her husband Bradford, with a divorce in May of 2012. Sarah’s former attorney with Tiemessen’s law firm, Thomas Van Flein, is now the chief staffer for Representative Paul Gossar of AZ. Sarah has worked hard to put all the parts together for attaining the future seat from John McCain. Her biggest mistake was the protective orders against my family as if I am correct and she was not an official resident of AK, then not only is she looking at future civil litigation if she ever sits in John McCain’s chair, but also some pretty serious criminal charges.

Which brings me to this: Knowing the protective orders were illegal, Sarah Palin and her attorney John Tiemessen, would have to come up with some kind of scheme to get Shawn arrested, thus the fake threat letter and the instigating calls from Tiemessen himself to Shawn. If Shawn was made to look crazy and in jail, he would be kept quiet and no one would take the information about Sarah’s texting affair with him seriously, thus opening a new political future for Sarah in Arizona.
So, the final question is this: Is Sarah Palin going to screw both the residents of Arizona and Alaska?
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  1. Sarah has no plan or interest to run for ANY political office. When people say this, they clearly do not know her.

    1. Isn't it amazing how the commenters who tell everyone else what "Sarah" will or won't do are ALWAYS:

      - anonymous.

      - careful to make it sound like THEY have some special connection to or insight into Palin without ever specifying what it is.

      - able to twist that inferred relationship into the claim that the rest of us "clearly do not know her."

      As a matter of fact, Anonymous @12:40 pm, if YOU knew jack-shit about Sarah Palin -- AND were willing to tell the TRUTH about what you know -- then you'd have to admit that the lousy scheming bitch will do ANYthing for money.

      And back in May of 2011, that included "considering," suggesting, hinting, teasing, and even briefly making it LOOK like she was running for office.

      Or have you already forgotten that bizarre, pathetic "family vacation" where she rode around in a chartered bus plastered with her face and the Constitution and yet flatly refused to give a straight answer when asked, "Are you going to run for President ?"

      The only reason for THAT scam was to get the media's attention so she could screech more of her divisive, holier-than-thou, dog whistle politics and thereby squeeze still MORE money out of her poor, brain-dead, rapidly-dwindling fan base.

      But the REALLY sad part about your post, Anonymous ... ?

      Take a wild guess who Palin would not HESITATE to throw UNDER the bus ANY time she felt like it ?

      YOU, you turd !

  2. After reading your posts, I do think you mean well and care about your son. But you do A LOT of guessing and speculation about issues not based on factual information. Sarah is NOT interested in a political future as far as working hard, writing legislation, etc. She simply IS NOT interested other than running a PAC to live on. I know her.
    I believe she is capable of sexting just so you know. But she isn't healthy enough or mentally stable enough to be an elected representative. Unless she could have a ceremonial role like Queen of America. She also has way way too many skeletons in her closet to run for office. Her only only chance was 2012 and she passed for all these reasons.

    1. Not that I disagree with your assessment that she doesn't want to run again, but I doubt you know her. You write with an ignorance only a speculating stranger writes with. But yes, it is clear this blogger owner lives in a fantasy world. May her son be miraculously gifted a new life away from the crazy of his upbringing, crazy he has described and loathed .

    2. Well I do know her regardless of what you say. I'm ignorant because I say she's capable of sexting? How do you know this? Do you know her? I say no. You get your info from Facebook and your imagination, don't you.
      You are a sick, disturbed person obsessed with the Palin's. And guess what. They think you are odd and mentally disturbed. Seeing your obsession in action, I have to agree.

    3. But Sarah has had sexting relationships before. If you knew her, you would know this.

  3. Shawn's Mom...LOVE THE PICS especially the last one!
    She was just up there over Easter coinkydink last day to register for Alaska grifter fund...?

    Can Old wrinkle face really appoint Stupid Methqueen to McCain's seat?
    We better get the word out quick then!
    Fake pregnancy√
    abuse of power (Shawn & Trooper Wooten)√
    Todd pimping √
    Todd pimping while she campaigned for VPOTUS√
    Needs a DRUG TEST for specialized Meth√
    Where was she born anyway? Some say Canada...(we just snuck over the border for healthcare, socialized that is, also,too!)√
    Does she really have a degree?√
    And crap a million other questions, my brain is tired today... :(
    Great post Shawn's Mom, I think you should pursue paralegal or law! You really have a knack. Or maybe
    PI? (That could be fun!) :)
    Lots of questions always swirling around the palins with bullshit answers.
    And lies from their arena.

    1. crystalwolflady: Glad you liked the pics esp. the last one. Brandt is a great artist and a really nice guy!

  4. It varies depending on why you are absent.
    If you are absent for a reason specifically allowed This is the state residency for the law you could be out of Alaska for the entire qualifying period and still be eligible. If you are absent for more than 180 days for a reason other than one specifically listed in Alaska Statute 43.23.008(a), you will not be eligible for a dividend. If you have not taken any action inconsistent with an intent to return to Alaska to remain indefinitely, absences of 180 days or less allow you to retain eligibility. Regardless of why you are absent, at all times during your absence you must demonstrate intent to remain an Alaska resident indefinitely. In addition, you must return to Alaska for at least 72 consecutive hours every two years and 30 cumulative days every five years to retain your eligibility. SARAH is still a resident of Alaska..

  5. Arizona is a popular location for Alaskans. The Palins know several people who have places there. One of the girl's boyfriend's family lives there. Britta's sister goes to school there (she and Track visited her in late 2010). The Hs and Ps share these friends who also live in AZ. One of the Palin girl's best friends go to school there. Gino and his friend go to school in Scottsdale. No clue why people choose AZ but I hear housing is cheap. It's the state Cali residents choose as well for the housing prices.

    1. What school in Scottsdale?
      The housing isn't cheap. It's more expensive than Alaskan housing. It's all relative.

    2. You sound like the a stalker. Do you have notebooks and charts filled with what all these people do and their activities. You are scary and have a lot of nerve saying the things you do

  6. ". Chuck Heath never showed up as he was stranded on an island in southwest AK bear hunting and could not find transportation to get home. And Sally Heath was reportedly in the hospital with heart problems. "

    Chuckie is out hunting while his wife is in the hospital with heart problems? I guess we know where $arah gets her screwed up priorities from...

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